July Blog Goal Results

01 Aug 2007

If you remember, back at the end of June I issued a personal challenge to Chappie and me. We were to write sixty posts and attain at least 1100 unique visitors, and hopefully increase the number of return visitors in the process. How did we do? Here are the facts (traffic measured by reinvigorate):


Michael: 13
Matthew: 44
Total: 57


Return: 129
Unique: 1,690

Graphs: Visitors in July 2007, Return Visitors in July 2007, Visitors (By Day) in July 2007

As you can see, we missed our writing goal (albeit by a very small margin) but far exceeded our visitor goal. The biggest benefit of setting such goals was simply the additional motivation to write more frequently – everything else simply followed. If you are looking for a good way to encourage yourself to write more frequently, setting a goal for the month is a great way to get started.