Wow I’ve Been Behind

27 Sep 2007

DJ Dirrty Matt?You know, you’d think I’d have written enough “sorry I’m not around” letters by now, but it appears that’s not the case. It seems to have been over a month (more like two) since we’ve really published any amount of new stuff here.

So I’m sorry.

I was jolted back to reality today during a phone conversation with Dave and he dropped the line “So you haven’t updated the site in a while.” Sheesh… I deserved that. So I’m sorry to all the dear readers, whom we love and cherish. Once again, I’ll try my best to get back to this (and get Chappie back on his game too).

In the mean time, let me catch you up on what’s been going on for the past two months. First things first, my summer job came to a conclusion and I returned to the wonderful world of academia. This is probably the main reason why updates ceased to a crawl – instead of spending eight to nine hours per day staring at a computer screen, I now engage in more distracting activities, such as relaxing at the fraternity house. Secondly, we had recruitment. If you think you’ve ever been busy before, try doing classes and recruitment at the same time. Fun stuff.

On top of being distracted by school, my desktop suffered a slow and painful death and finally “gave up the ghost,” so to speak. After working enough to collect the funds to rebuild it, I now am the proud owner of a big blue quad core two-gigs-of-ram and half-a-terabyte-of-storage and a Ge-Force 8600 powered computer. Which means I can catch up on all those games I’ve been missing out on.

BioShock is awesome.

And then there’s the DJ business that Adam and I have been fooling around with. And the five other odd jobs I that compete for my time. And of course women. Ahh the women – what a wonderful species they are… but that’s a story for another time.

So now, with cash in pocket, a shiny BMW to drive, a big new computer, a new bed (I took some of that money and upgraded my sleeping equipment from twin to queen size), and a bunch of other nice things, I hopefully can get back to my secret love of the Internet and contributing to it.

My next story will be about this bachelor party I went to recently. Or maybe not… some things are better left unsaid.

So there’s my excuse. I’ll let Chappie come up with his now. Chappie? Hello, Chappie…