Impromptu Skiing, Anyone?

05 Jan 2008

Ski BeechOn New Years’ Day, I woke up around 2pm and decided to go skiing. You might call that quite a feat for someone located in the middle of Georgia where the temperatures rarely go below 20F and the snow flurries show up once a decade (sending the good people of middle Georgia into quite a panic, to say the least). However, my aunt lives in north-eastern Tennessee, about an hour from Ski Beech and Sugar Mountain (both located around Boone, NC). A phone call later I was scrambling around collecting my stuff, and by 6pm I was on the road for the mountains.

I spent a great two days skiing, including one of the best ski sessions I’ve had yet (night skiing with no lines on freshly groomed snow is fun). The time at Sugar was fun, but the best sessions were had at Ski Beech (a pleasant surprise, considering the last time I went to Beech it was ice-ridden while Sugar was excellent). I also learned that (during non-holiday season) men ski free on Thursdays, women ski free on Mondays, and you get buy-one-get-one-free tickets on Tuesdays. I may be returning on a Thursday not far from now… However, all the activity reminded me that I’ve got to get back in shape, so along with the new year comes a new exercise regimen intended to make me much sexier and prepare me for spring break – on the way back to Georgia, I had lunch with David and we decided to plan a trek to Colorado and Utah for spring break to get in a little late season skiing and early season biking. Stay tuned for more on that, however ;)

At any rate, I’m back in Macon and ready for everyone to get back from Christmas break. If you’re around, call!