Busy Busy Busy

17 Jan 2008

Matthew SmithThis has been a busy but great week. I’ll be back with more detail on some of these events, but I gave a presentation last night (which went really well, and the video and other information will be online soon), helped a friend assemble a new computer today, I’ve been in the gym three days this week (and tomorrow will be the fourth – getting back into shape), I’ve done a little homework (love only taking 12 hours of class), and I’ve been working a few hours a day to boot!

Speaking of work, I’ve been developing some Windows scripts to help with system administration. They may be simple but I think that they are super-cool! I’ve been learning to work with WMI through JScript (not because I love WSH or JScript or anything, but it’s built into all the machines I manage and JScript looks more like the languages I’m familiar with than VBScript… read this for some other reasons) and it allows me to do some really cool things. The coolest part is that these functions can be executed against either a local machine or a remote machine… which means I could write some scripts that scan the network and create reports of certain configuration settings on all the machines that are found. I’ll be writing more on this later, and probably create a site section dedicated to these code snippets I’ve been creating (they are reusable and can be inserted into many scripts).

Ps, Thank You Kenneth

KennethOn a side note, thanks Kenneth for all your comments! If you don’t know, I love receiving comments on my posts (and I reply to them) because it reminds me that people actually read this stuff! It’s fun to have a little dialog on the website from time to time… so if you’re feeling game, don’t hesitate to drop a line – even if it’s just to say hi!