Introducing “Programs and Scripts”

31 Jan 2008

CodeLadies and gentlemen, today I would like to direct your attention to the new link in the right side bar entitled “Programs and Scripts.” This page will contain handy bits of code developed by myself (or any of my esteemed colleagues) and presented here for your programming gratification!

The inaugural bit of code available here is called “wmiRegistryTools.js” and provides JavaScript methods (only for use in WSH) to interact with the WMI interface. The library is probably only of interest to people involved in network administration because it simplifies scripted registry edits. The cool part is that you can perform these edits on remote computers…

Anyway, keep an eye on the programming pages. I’ll be adding scraps and bits of useful code (or not so useful code) over time, and just maybe you’ll find something that will help you out or make life easier.

Because it’s philosophically correct (and I’m always endorsing open source), all my code is release under the GPL so you are free to use, reuse, and modify it. Of course if you find anything there helpful, I’d love to know (you know, to stoke my ego and such)!