Goals for July: Record Number of Visitors and Profuse Writing

25 Jun 2007

Digivation.net Stats for 2007

The most visits to digivation.net in the past year peaked in March, with over 800 “unique” visitors (pretty good for a little random-topic site like this). Due to lack of time/distractions/laziness, the writing became less frequent/good and visitations dropped off (reaching a low of barely over 400 in May). With renewed gusto (probably due in part to my cohort Chappie), we shall attempt to have a record-breaking month in July. NB: The above image doesn’t have any data before February 28th. I used Google Analytics before switching to reinvigorate.

Our goal is to surpass the number of visitors from March. For July, we are aiming for 1100 “unique” visitors as tracked by reinvigorate.net. This lofty (for us) goal can only be attained with sustained, quality writing. Something that catches the eye of everyone who sees it and keeps readers interested and returning. In the past, my record number of posts for one month is 15 (which may will be surpassed this month, as this is the 15th post of July). Since Chappie, my new partner in crime writing has joined the team, the goal needs to be a little higher – therefore, we shall produce 30 UPDATE: we’re gonna go for SIXTY quality articles next month (more if Chappie decrees it so at least one post per day, per writer). I hope to post some much-improved stats this time next month!

Digivation.net Stats for July 2007
June 2007 Statistics

Note: a great source of tips and techniques to improve your writing can be found at Copyblogger. While more business and product oriented, the tips are still very useful.