Upcoming Presentation on Collaborative Writing with Wikis

05 Jan 2008

On January 16, 2008, I, Matthew Smith, will be delivering a presentation for STC on the use of wikis in collaborative writing projects. This presentation will be based on a shorter presentation I gave for one of my technical communications classes last year. I don’t have the final details on the presentation yet (aside from the date), but I’m assuming it will be in the auditorium room 201 of the new Science and Engineering Building around 7pm at 6pm(that’s on Mercer’s Macon campus if you didn’t know). I hope that the presentation will be informative and inspire people to find new ways to employ the versatile wiki. If you’re not busy, I’d love it if you dropped by!

Electrical engineering student Matthew Smith will present “Collaborative Writing and the Wiki,” demonstrating how his senior design team last year used a wiki to prepare their CDR report.

The presentation will include information about free and open source wiki software, as well as the advantages of wikis over Microsoft Word’s collaboration features.

WHEN:   Wednesday, 16 January, 6:00-7:00 PM


SPONSORED BY:  Mercer Student Chapter, Society for Technical Communication

–Dr. George Hayhoe