We’re (aka “Beat House”) DJ’ing First Friday @ the Rookery!

31 Jan 2008

DJ Dirrty Matt?Just to throw out a little plug for Adam and myself, we’re “spinnin’ on the ones and twos” this Friday at the Rookery for downtown Macon’s monthly “First Friday” event. We’ll be playing a smooth blend of rock, rap, old(ish) stuff, and whatever else pleases our auditory palette.

It should go down like a smooth vodka on the rocks (some may argue that it’s “Mr. B’s” on the rocks, but whatever).

We’ll be experimenting with our “sound” (when are we not?) and hopefully trying out some new visual stuff. If everything works out as planned, we’ll have some audio posted up here later on for your listening pleasure. We plan on starting the evening off with some chill stuff, playing around a bit and just having a good time. As the night progresses, we’ll probably move more toward rap and bigger beats to keep the party moving (or so we hope).

Anyway, we’d love it if you came out and chilled with us. We’ll be out there from 10pm-2am and the cover is $3, but if you arrive before 11:30 armed with this flyer (just print it) you will get in for free.