What is Beat House Productions?

22 Apr 2008

Some of my Facebook stalkers friends (I kid, I kid) may have noticed a lot of recent activity on the Beat House Productions page. In case you are wondering what Beat House Productions is, I am here to clarify (more or less).

Beat House Productions is the name of a group of DJs performing in and around the Macon, Georgia area. The creation and name of the group were products of one of my late night musings, but we’re now churning out awesome parties on a quite regular basis! The term “Beat House” was coined from two elements we work with: beats and house music. Of course, we work with beats a lot more than we work with house music… mostly it just sounds cool.

Beat House was originally myself and Adam Sekulow. However, my friends Wes and Brian liked the idea and have joined forces with us. Wes has been DJing parties for several years longer than I have, and has much better equipment. We now use (for a full party) 2x JBL powered cabs, 1x 18″ JBL powered sub (yes, an 18″, 500 watt subwoofer), a bevy of awesome LED lights, and a bunch of computers and control surfaces, mixers, etc. Not to mention a huge library of music!

Our next evolution in party-making will probably involve the addition of a projector and the ability to provide a visual experience along with our sound. And sometime after that, we’ll be adding virtual vinyl (or Vinyl-like controllers) for full creative potential!

If you’re interested, be sure to fan the Beat House Productions page to receive the latest updates (we also have a Purevolume and Myspace page). Currently you can find set-lists from the parties we’ve played to date (on the Facebook page only) and a few audio samples from past parties (usually short clips demonstrating song transitions).

I’ve also been kicking around the idea of adding a “party-in-a-box” section, with full 4 hour mixes that could be downloaded and played at a party… so be sure and keep an eye out!