I’m Finally Done with School!

02 May 2008

It’s that time of year once again, when the last final is completed, the calculators and pencils are put away, and the books are burned (just kidding – they cost too much). However, I’m feeling a little melancholic for I have finished the last final of my undergraduate career. Five years of college, four years of high school, two years of middle school, and six years of grade school… I’ve only known school, and now that chapter of my life is done. It’s time to move on to new things, see new places, and meet new people  (but of course I’ll miss the ones I leave behind). Here’s two little lists that should sum it up.

Reasons I’m Sad

  • No more staying up until 3AM
  • No more sleeping ’til 12PM
  • No more all night parties
  • I have to pay bills

Reasons I’m Happy

  • No more finals or exams
  • No more school loans
  • No more drama (who am I kidding)

Anyway, I’ll be around Macon (and the rest of Georgia) next year. I have accepted a job at RAFB doing some sort of engineering work and I’ll be living with another ATO alumnus who is buying a new house about ten minutes from campus. The party shall continue (but only on the weekends)!

On another note, I’m going to be around Macon from now until I start my job at the end of June (aside from a couple weeks of vacation), so be sure and look me up. I want to hang out and enjoy my last few weeks of freedom!