Sync Google Calendar and the iPhone Calendar OTA for Free!

03 Aug 2008

GCal + iPhone

Over the past few days, I’ve been enjoying my new iPhone 3G immensely. There are a few annoyances, such as buggy software, a little DRM issue I had with the app store, and various other things. However, one issue that was really bothering me was the inability to sync my iPhone calendar with my Google Calendars. I keep all of my events on my Google Calendar, using several calendars (some of which are shared) to keep up with everything.

Apple does provide the ability to sync (using iTunes) your iPhone and Outlook calendars – unfortunately that requires you to use Outlook along with extra plug-ins to retrieve your Google Calendars, and you only sync when you connect to iTunes. Even worse, I read that you could only sync your main calendar in this manner.

Then I ran across the perfect solution: NuevaSync! NuevaSync is brilliantly simple – it simply provides a gateway between your Google and the Exchange syncing features of the new iPhone 2.0 software. This means that you can sync all of your Google Calendars (bi-directionally) with the iPhone calendar. Better yet, all this happens over the air, in real time – no syncing with iTunes to update your calendars!!

The setup couldn’t be simpler – simply sign up for a new account at NuevaSync, supply your Google account details (you can sync both calendars and contacts if you wish – I chose only calendar syncing), and follow the simple setup instructions for the iPhone. In minutes you’ll be getting synchronized with your iPhone calendar!

The only limitation I’ve noticed so far is the inability to select what calendar you would like to use when creating new events (however, you can see the events on all calendars). New events created on your phone go to the default calendar. However, I think this is an iPhone limitation, or something I’ve simply overlooked. A small price to pay for the huge convenience of OTA synchronization with Google Calendars!!

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