Upcoming Stuff and the Start of Another School Year

22 Aug 2008

So many days have slipped by since the last time I posted! I’ve been extremly busy over the past couple of weeks with some cool projects that I can’t wait to tell everyone about (of course, if you ever looked at my Facebook profile, you probably have an idea already). I kinda want to finish some of them so I can do a complete “start to finish” post instead of incremental stuff, since we’re so far along.

In other news, school has started back at my alma mater, and I’m just fine (as I expected). It’s great that everyone is back in town, but when they complain about homework or having to go to class or some other drudgery, I just smile and think “my summer just keeps on going…” Of course I kinda might miss the lazy times in between classes, but so far having a job is not any worse than going to school. In fact, I’m actually starting to think that I might like it better. One of the biggest advantages of having a job and a regular schedule is the chance to get back in shape. I’ve been taking advantage of the free gym membership on base. After work I walk a few blocks to the gym, spend an hour lifting weights, and then head home – and I still get done before most people I know!

Anyway, check back in the next few days because I should have a few more writeups done.