HD Video of September Hase Live in Macon

25 Aug 2008

So I like to consider myself somewhat cultured (for short periods of time, at random intervals) so I attended an indie concert this past weekend. Of course the persuasion of one of my friends, who happens to be related to the lead singer, probably had something to do with this particular burst of “culture.”

Since I have this shiny new HD camera, I figured I should probably grab a few minutes of footage, since the band is actually quite good. You can watch 11 minutes of the concert below (click the here to go to the Vimeo page and watch it in full glory). The sound is kinda crappy, especially at the beginning. I must also apologize for the random movements, I was shooting handheld from the middle of the crowd, with the camera above my head. Any idea how tiring that is?

They are returning to Macon for another concert on First Friday October (October 3rd), so if you are around you should definately try to attend (I don’t have any further details at the moment). By the way, you may have previously heard them as “Blackbird” but they’ve undergone a name change in recent weeks.

Without further ado:

You can find them on MySpace.