‘Tis the Season… to Blog?

16 Dec 2008

Well it seems that here we are, stuck smack-dab in the center of the “holiday season,” for all its’ joy and consumerism. Of course, financially this is shaping up to be one of the worst holiday seasons in the past seven, twenty-five, or seventy-eight years, depending upon where and on what day you get your news. Many, including myself, are predicting fiscal gloom for the next several months at the least. But no worries, its’ still the holidays and there are always lots of things one can be happy, thankful, or at least non-suicidal about.Be happy!

Let us pause and reflect:

  • I still have a job
    Working for the government never looked so good! When the economy is booming, a few people speak poorly of civil service. When the economy is crap… well, I’m still getting paid to protect your freedom.
  • The sky has not yet fallen Despite what Chicken Little might have to say about the state of the world, the sky remains in its’ rightful place. The sun rises in the East and sets in the West. The moon orbits the earth and the earth orbits the sun. Etcetera.
  • Bush got shoed In what may been one of the bestest statements of government disapproval ever, someone displayed both humor and opinion in one deft act of shoe throwing. Bravo. Too bad he’s getting the ever living sht beat out of him in jail. Maybe someone stateside should try this as well, I’m sure we can chalk it up to freedom of speech. Of course if you would like to exercise your right to display your angst, but don’t feel like risking your personal well-being, you can mail your old ones to the white house instead.
  • Obama got elected Finally, equality for all. Note: this topic may fall under “reasons to celebrate” or “reasons to commit suicide” depending on the reader’s persuasions. To all the people who fall in the latter category, there’s a consolation prize: you finally got O.J.
  • Women are still up to their tricks As proof that the world will keep on turning no matter what the guys on Wall Street screw up, the lovely ladies of the world are still plucking heart-strings and crushing your desires. Not to say that the gentlemen of the world aren’t still up to their normal tricks.
  • Friends My friends keep my life both exciting and balanced, wonderful and wild. Without them, life would be dull, monatonous, and bleak (kinda like the lives of some ex-Wall Street traders). Seriously, I love you guys. Thanks for everything!
  • Family I must also holla to mah’ family peeps fo’ keepin’ it real, yo. They put up with all my shenanigans and keep on liking me no matter what I do. Much love!
  • The world has not ended We’re still here, aren’t we? Why are you complaining again? The grass is green will be green in a few months, the sky is blue, there are beautiful women (and men) to be found. Go outside and enjoy it – the world is actually a pretty cool place (and even if you think you don’t live in a cool place, I bet you can still find beauty if you look for it. It’s there, I promise).
  • Video Games When the going actually gets tough, or you just get a little bored, there is always the welcome refuge of a virtual world in which to execute your wildest dreams and fantasies. I can personally recommend both Fallout 3 and GTA IV to be fantastic ways to waste exorbitant amounts of time. Also a good reprieve for those who have lost jobs in the current recession; much better than real-world violence, methinks.
  • Gas prices have fallen More driving if you have the money, or you can squeeze a few extra miles out of that last dollar if you’re short on cash.
  • Stuff costs less Buy more stuff! Save the economy! Better yet, exploit this opportunity to get out of debt and put real cold hard cash in the bank.
  • The Internet is still… the Internet When all else fails, the Internet is there to save us. Or provide a venue to blow off steam. Or debate each other. Or play video games (killing each other virtually, perhaps). Nothing quite compares to the wide wonderful world of the intertubes!!

So there you have it; a few consise reasons to be thankful (or a few reasons why I’m thankful). I’m sure you have many more, so don’t hesitate to leave your juiciest thoughts in the comment box.

Merrrrrry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy Hanukkah! Have a festive Kwanzaa!