Change Has Come, I Like the Website

21 Jan 2009 - the new lookYesterday was, by even the most humble estimates, a monumental day in history (let’s leave arguements of good/bad at the door, k thx bye). Always the optimist, I feel that changes are quite needed and I’m always seeing the best in the opportunity.

To reflect the change in regime, President Obama’s crack web team has put up a brand new site at, and I must say, I like it quite a lot! It has a very modern, up to date feel and seems easy to navigate. I wish I knew more about the backend, but a (very) cursory glance at the source didn’t shed any light (I’m assuming it is a custom coded backend).

Kottke has a most revealing glance at the change in, which is what prompted my first glance at the site.

Hurray for change… here’s to the future!