Time to Become an iPhone Developer

19 Mar 2009

Apple Developer ProgramJust in case you missed it, Apple announced the latest OS for the iPhone (and iTouch), version 3.0, on Tuesday. It includes a ton of new features, mostly in the programming department (though copy and paste will be a welcome addition, as will the new MMS feature … no more viewmymessage.com texts!). The OS will be open to consumers in June, but is currently avaliable for registered developers (must be a paid developer, not a free one). Me, being totally impatient about this, was twittering about the OS upgrade and recieved an offer to go in on a dev team and split the cost of membership. This will give me (legal) access to the 3.0 beta OS, the 3.0 SDK, and the ability to test any software I write on the phone itself.

I’m doing it. I’ll post my thoughts when I get signed up. And who knows, maybe this will even result in some software for your iPhone!