Welcome to the digivation archives! Between 2006 and 2009, digivation.net served as a creative outlet for Matthew Smith and, on occasion, Michael Chappel. Since 2010 or so, both Michael and Matthew have been preoccupied with other persuits and digivation has fallen into disuse. While the digivation.net domain is being repurposed for other things, this archive will serve to keep the content available for posterity.

If any links don’t work…

If you are browsing the site and find a link that is broken, be sure and let me know (just leave a comment) and I will attempt to rectify the issue. Over the past few days I came under a little scrutiny from my webhosting provider to remove some media content (mostly streaming MP3s) from the server. I have performed the cleanup (and am now contemplating a move to a [new hosting provider][1]), but there may be some broken links around the site. Let me know and I’ll get right on it.

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14 Oct 2008

Ready for the Weekend

The weekend is two dreadful hours away. I can almost taste it (or maybe that’s the taste of the coffee I drank earlier). At any rate, it’s a three day weekend with a nice weather outlook (unlike the forecast for last night’s trip to the fair, I think this one might just stick). I’m attending a five-year highschool reunion tonight, after which I will get to hang out with Matt for a little while. Tomorrow, I’m not exactly sure what’s going on, but I think a few friends and I are headed to Milledgeville to investigate the festivities. Sunday holds a trip to Six Flags for some classic adrenaline-junkie fun. Monday is still open.

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10 Oct 2008

Possible Outage

If, for some reason, you stop by looking for the friendly faces at digivation, only to find an error page, never fear, we won’t be gone for long. I’m simply trying to straighten out some small issues with my hosting provider. I’m pretty sure a peaceful resolution will be found and everything will continue as normal.

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08 Oct 2008

Trip to LSU, Gas Prices, and Other Notes of Marginal Interest

img_1384.jpgWhile hurricane Ike was busy bashing the gulf and shaking it’s metaphorical fist at Texas, I decided to leave Georgia and travel to Louisiana (and closer to Ike, as my mother reminded me). Despite warnings of dire circumstances, my trip was hurricane and disaster free, instead filled with friends, fun, and football. That’s not to say my trip was without adventure.

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02 Oct 2008

Financial Crisis or Opportunity?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few months, you should be quite aware of the current [financial][1] [situation][2] creeping across the globe like a cancer. While many people are full of gloom and doom, and the talking heads on your TV keep telling you that the end of the world is near, I personally see this as a time of great opportunity. I am excited about a market crash and the subsequent emergence of winners (chosen by free market rules, not [stupid legislations][3]).

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30 Sep 2008

Back from LSU

I’m back from LSU, in one piece and just as dry as when I left Georgia. It was a great weekend. More to come later.

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14 Sep 2008


I saw this and couldn’t resist.

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12 Sep 2008

On the Road to LSU

This weekend I decided that since [dangerous storms][1] really don’t scare me, I would travel to Louisiana (yes, that is closer to Hurricane Ike than Georgia) and have a little mid-season football fun and celebration with the LSU crew.

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12 Sep 2008

New Wheels on the BMW

Well, I finally managed to buy new wheels for the BMW and get rid of those plain hubcaps! The new wheels are 18×1.8″ O.Z. Racing Ultraleggeras in black, and I think they look pretty sharp on the car. Of course now I need new suspension stuff to make it look right, but all in good time.

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09 Sep 2008

Excerpts from Randomness

Beeeeep-beeeeep-beeeeep-beeep. The harsh consitient bleating of the alarm pierced through the haze of sleep, slowly reeling him into the cold florescent light. As consciousness returned, thoughts clouded his mind and a feeling of helplessness consumed him. Looking around the sterile slate gray walls, the endless gray floor tiles, and the dilapidated white ceiling stained from half a century of disrepair, a distinct drowning sensation began to envelop him. He could not remember. The incessent beat of the alarm seemed to gnaw at the back of his skull as if it wanted to enter his head, consume his thoughts, and drive him insane. Or is it already too late, he wondered…

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26 Aug 2008

HD Video of September Hase Live in Macon

So I like to consider myself somewhat cultured (for short periods of time, at random intervals) so I attended an indie concert this past weekend. Of course the persuasion of one of my friends, who happens to be related to the lead singer, probably had something to do with this particular burst of “culture.”

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25 Aug 2008

Upcoming Stuff and the Start of Another School Year

So many days have slipped by since the last time I posted! I’ve been extremly busy over the past couple of weeks with some cool projects that I can’t wait to tell everyone about (of course, if you ever looked at my Facebook profile, you probably have an idea already). I kinda want to finish some of them so I can do a complete “start to finish” post instead of incremental stuff, since we’re so far along.

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22 Aug 2008

This is Me, Now

My friends, let me start by once again offering my sincerest apologies for my severe writing deficit. It has been quite some time since I provided you with regular glimpses into my life or posted bits of random goodness for you to contemplate. For this I must apologize; everyone knows, that it is not due to a lack of things to talk about… it is because I haven’t made the time to tell you about it.

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04 Aug 2008

Whoa! The Number 10 Spot is Mine!

Some frequent visitors may remember a few articles written last summer involving the ranking of digivation.net against a few search terms. One of specific interest to myself is a google search for my name, Matthew Smith.

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24 Jul 2008

Digivation Videos!

Just a quick blurb: I recently purchased a Canon HF10 HD video camera (which I love), and I’ve been putting bits and pieces of video online at Vimeo (which is totally awesome). You can watch them in HD from my [profile page][1]!

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24 Jul 2008

Texts from your BlackBerry have “@” between the words?

So, yes, I just recently joined the bandwagon and enabled sms messages on my cell phone. No, I'm not "slow" or "behind the times." My phone was, until recently, attached to my parents' family plan - and they blocked all messages instead of paying the extra $30/month. Since I now have my own steady income, I have spun my number off to my own plan and enabled text messages in the process. Hurray for independence (and the costs of such freedom). Read More »

15 Jul 2008

I Have Not Abandoned teh Internetz

Never fear, I’m still here. I’m just busy trying to get moved into my new place and adjust to life after college. I start my new job at Robins AFB on Monday, June 23rd. Sometime after I get situated in that, I’ll be back with fresh new words for the site, so stay tuned.
Ps, you should come by the new house if you haven’t been yet. It’s pretty awesome.

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16 Jun 2008

I’m Finally Done with School!

It’s that time of year once again, when the last final is completed, the calculators and pencils are put away, and the books are burned (just kidding – they cost too much). However, I’m feeling a little melancholic for I have finished the last final of my undergraduate career. Five years of college, four years of high school, two years of middle school, and six years of grade school… I’ve only known school, and now that chapter of my life is done. It’s time to move on to new things, see new places, and meet new people  (but of course I’ll miss the ones I leave behind). Here’s two little lists that should sum it up.

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02 May 2008

What is Beat House Productions?

Some of my Facebook stalkers friends (I kid, I kid) may have noticed a lot of recent activity on the [Beat House Productions][1] page. In case you are wondering what Beat House Productions is, I am here to clarify (more or less).

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22 Apr 2008

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